Rolf Rudin

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Sinfonische Blasorchester und -ensembles

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Rolf Rudin is one of the most significant composers writing for the wind band medium in Europe today ...

BASBWE Conference News, Manchester, 4/1998 


Rolf Rudin established a place for himself in the international music scene at a very young age.

Carnegie Hall, Stagebill, 5/1998


Although by no means restricting himself to this medium Rolf Rudin can be regarded as the most interesting serious German composer for wind band. With more than thirteen compositions of high quality in eight years he is certainly one of the most diligent authors.

WINDS, Summer 1998


Of the German Composers who deserves being taken seriously and who have presented works for wind band in the last decade, Rolf Rudin is certainly the most interesting ... An always striking feature of his compositions no matter whether simple or difficult, written in a rather traditional or uncompromisingly avantgarde style is his sense of form and his deep musicality. The pieces are always well scored with special attention to the percussion section.

WINDS, Autumn 1998


Rolf Rudin has become the premier wind composer for wind band in Germany...His style displays a great sense of both economy and balance, as he works with limited numbers of musical gestures in an almost unlimited way.

Dr. Thomas Hunt,
Ohio Northern University, February 2010


Rolf Rudin is one of those composers who lives in two time frames at once. He is firmly rooted in the German legacy of the past but writes music that presents traditional values wrapped in modernity. His work is epic yet approachable. He is what I like to think of as a broad stroke painter of sound. Rolf's music is engaging and never fails to enhance the soul while elevating the spirit. He is a truly unique voice and his writing for winds broadens the repertoire in a most important way.

Eugene Corporon, from „A Composer's Insight” - Vol. 5,
Meredith Music Publications, December 2010